Located in the park, near Vrnjacka’s river, in the hearth of Vrnjacka Banja, Merkur is an ideal place for those who want to improve their health, but also for those who want completely relaxation.

Four springs of healing mineral waters, healing mineral mud, modern diagnostic procedures and equipment, a highly specialized medical team led by 40 doctors specialists and subspecialists, are only part of a wide Merkur’s  offer, which will help guests who have problems with diabetes, gastroenterological problems, or those who are requiring physical rehabilitation or want to check their health in a relaxing ambience. For those who want to rest or beautify and rejuvenate, aqua and spa centers will complete the enjoyment. Pools with thermo-mineral water, gym, saunas, wide range of massages, services of the Center for Medical Aesthetics, are just a part of the offer intended for all who want to bring their body to the perfection, all with medical supervision, physical activity, modern apparatus procedures and antiaging treatments.


Phone: +381365155150
E-mail: info@vrnjcispa.rs
Website: www.vrnjackabanjamerkur.com