Spa “Rusanda” is located on the shore of the largest saline lake in Serbia, in a beautiful park rich in flora and fauna. From ancient times, the legends about the healing mud of our spas are being recounted. Right here, on the shores of the lake, in the beautiful environment of  untouched nature in 1867 a healthcare facility was created and has grown into today’s Special Hospital for Rehabilitation, “Rusanda”. The efficacy of mud, or peloids, was first confirmed at the Imperial Academy in Vienna, and it has been preserved to this day. Walks around the spa’s park among the flower beds, the sound of the fountain and the bird’s song relaxes and makes every our guest meditate.

There are various forms of physical therapy based on the application of different forms of physical energy for treatments, training and medical rehabilitation for diseased and injured people, prevention of deterioration and recurrence of diseases.

  • Kinesio therapy is one of the most important measures of medical rehabilitation.
  • Work therapy deals with rehabilitation based on manual, creative, artistic, social,   recreational, educational and other techniques.
  • The electrotherapy we use in our spa implies the application of electricity for the purposes   of treatment. In addition to this, we use Magnetic Therapy, Laser Therapy, Biotron Light Therapy, Ultrasound Therapy, Hydrotherapy and Peloido therapy that we would specially point out. It implies the application of mineral peloids, medicinal mud for therapeutic purposes. The chemical structure, which particularly refers to active forms of sulfur and high salinity, gives it an advantage in  rheumatology, first of all in the treatment of degenerative rheumatism, dermatology, dominant psoriasis, and gynecology (sterility treatment).

Additional info

  • There is an unlimited access to WI FI internet in our spa
  • Banja Rusanda is located 97 km from Belgrade
  • Banja Rusanda is located 116 km from Belgrade airport
  • Banja Rusanda is located 16 km from Zrenjanin
  • Banja “Rusanda” began its operation in 1867
  • You have, at your disposal, partial and whole-body manual massages
  • We also offer underwater massage, jacuzzi, pearl bath
  • Numerous forms of therapy are performed professionally by our team of experts
  • Peloid (medicinal mud) shows the presence of the following elements in its chemical composition: Si, Al, Fe, Na, Mg, Ca, K, Ch, S, B, Ba, Cu, Rb, Sr, Zn
  • There is a possibility of payment with payment cards
  • Payment cards that you can pay with are


In Spa “Rusanda” special attention is paid to the prevention of disease. Our guests can enjoy relaxation, detoxification and recreation within spa services. Within our wellness and spa services, there are treatments with modern radio-frequency Green-IRF apparatus, Green-press apparatus, various types of massages, staying in body-therm cabin, indoor swimming pool, massage in pearl or massage tub, relaxation on tepidarium or warm bed, as well as other types of relaxation, breathing exercises, with tailored made diets.

Special types of manual massages provided for the guests:

  • Volcanic rock massage
  • Massage with Himalayan salt rocks
  • Massage with mussels
  • Oriental peeling massage with soap
  • Relaxation massage
  • Anticellulite massage
  • shijatzu massage
  • Foot massage

Along the shores of the sun-lit lakes, our guests can let themselves to the care of professional, dedicated and friendly staff.  Enjoying the songs of tambourines, local folklore and excellent food, specialities of this region. Visit us, enrich your experience, fall in love!

Special Rehabilitation Hospital
Banja Rusanda

Banja Rusanda bb, 23270 Melenci, Republic of Serbia

Main telephone number:
+381(0)23 315 04 00

+381(0)23 315 04 09
+381(0)23 315 04 16
+381(0)69 851 30 68

Triage (for users with referral letters from the National Health Insurance Fund – RFZO):
+381(0)23 315 04 04

+381(0)23 731 075


TIN: 101161576
RN: 08062650
Unique number of users of public funds (JBKJS): 02608
Giro account: 840-178667-52