Ribarska Banja is one of the oldest spas on the Southeast Balkan. Today Ribarska Banja has a status of an institution for rehabilitation with diagnostics and treatment block, all to offer faster and more efficient recovery. Diagnostic Block has cabinets for osteodensitometry, electromyoneurography, ultrasound and roentgen diagnostic, as well as a laboratory.
Special Hospital Ribarska Banja is a modern health resort with skilled personnel specialized to treat and rehab diseases of locomotors system, rheumatologic and neurologic of bone-joint injuries and bone fractures. This is where one must mention congenital deformity on the bones and joints, post traumatic arthrosis of joints and spine, inflammatory arthritis types in rest and degenerative forms of arthritis, hemipareza and hemiplegia, paraparesis and paraplegia, functional consequences of injuries and disease of peripheral nerve system. Patient treatment is carried out with hydro therapy, photo therapy, laser therapy, magnetic therapy, kinesis therapy, thermo therapy, electro therapy, sono therapy and working therapy.
Wellness is state of general satisfaction and delight. Stressful living, numerous business and private obligation resulted in relaxation as an imperative for stress relief and spa centers are perfect places to forget everyday worries. Turkish bath or hammam is a central spot of the Spa Centre.
Idea of Banja becoming the cultural focus of the area, the place of elegance, trendy center and pleasure capital, is being realized through cultural summer of the spa.
In the hot summer months, the best time is in the sports and recreation center ,,Samar”. Mini aqua park provides refreshment and unforgettable adrenaline entertainment. There are three swimming pools, one children and two for adults with slides and other accompanying contents. For sports fans there is also a tennis court, a volleyball court, a playground for small sports.


Contact phone:+381(0)37/865 120, 865 270
Fax: +381(0)37/865 129
Website: www.ribarskabanja.rs
E-mail: ribarskabanja@yahoo.com