The Prolom Spa is located in the South of Serbia, on the eastern slopes of the Radan mountain. Primarily, it is famous for its healing Prolom water. In order to bring our guests closer to this unique gift of nature, we have enabled the contact with Prolom water throughout the hotel.
All of our health programs are based on the healing Prolom water. The effect of treatment is increased through applica-tion of balneological and physical treatments, spending time in the fresh air and walks in the untouched nature of Prolom Spa. The altitude and the mild continental climate are also beneficial for improving the general health state.
Radan hotel complex encompasses accommodation in comfortable rooms, modern medical and Wellness treatments, recreational and entertainment content, as well as excursions. In case you need space for working in a quiet environment, we also offer conference rooms with all the necessary equipment.
Whether you visit us for treatment or rest, business meetings or simply, to relax in the nature, your stay can be fulfilled with our Wellness treatments, relaxing in pools, a lunch at the “Ethno inn”, excursions to the Devils Town, church Lazarica or other cultural tourist attractions of the Toplica region.
All medical and wellness programs in our spa are based on the curative properties of Prolom water, one of a group of very rare waters with high balneological value providing potential for a very wide range of indications:
Kidney and urinary tract diseases: chronic kidney, urinary tract and prostate infections, kidney stone, sand in the urinary tract.
Gastrointestinal diseases: hyperacid gastritis, stomach and duodenal ulcer, intestinal catarrh, gallbladder and bile ducts inflammation, gallbladder stone, conditions after surgical interventions on the gastrointestinal tract.
Skin diseases: eczema, psoriasis, varicose, ulcer.
Inflammatory rheumatism in the quiet phase and degenerative rheumatism: rheumatic arthri-tis (quiet phase of inflammation), arthrosis, spondylosis, fibrositis, myositis, tendinitis, conditi-ons after bone fracture and surgical interventions on the bone and joint system.
Due to its unique mineral content: very low mineralization (148mg/l), and high alcality (pH 8,8-9,2), Prolom water is also recommended as a healthy drinking water of exceptional quality, providing vitality without straining the body.
Diagnostics and Spa Treatments
Medical examination by the medical specialists, laboratory, ultrasound examination, osteodensitometer
– Drinking the curative Prolom water
– Hydrotherapy
– Mud therapy
– Electrotherapy
– Manual massage
– Kinesitherapy
Wellness Centre
Outdoors-indoors pools, salt rooms, steam bats, tepidariums, saunas (finnish, bio and infra-red), kneipp path, Prolom sea, Jacuzzi pool with Prolom water, beauty salon (manicure, pedicure, dermoabrasion, infra-red capsule), wellness massages, fitness room and gym, entertainment room.

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