Institute for Treatment and Rehabilitation Niška Banja

Niska Banja is situated 10 kilometers from Nis near the place where the Nišava flows into the Južna Morava River. Niška Banja’s climate is moderate continental.
Natural healing factors of Niška Banja are the mild, moderate continental climate, thermal mineral water, and natural mineral mud. The slightly mineralized water comes from 5 springs (Glavno Vrelo, Suva Banja, Skolska Cesma, Banjica, and Pasjaca) that belong to the group of alkaline-earth homeotherms (36-38°C) with the water output of 56 liters a second.

The health and tourist facilities are located in a 5-hectare landscaped park. In the vicinity of Niska Banja, there is Koritnjak Park tucked away in the local forest with brand new walking and running tracks.

Institute Niska Banja is a health, scientific, educational, and research institution that treats people who suffer from cardiovascular and rheumatic diseases (indications: musculoskeletal system diseases, urgent cardiac conditions, orthopedics – musculoskeletal surgery, post-traumatic conditions, all types of sports injuries, neurological conditions; rehabilitation – cardiovascular diseases, rheumatic diseases, musculoskeletal injury and disorder rehabilitation).
The institute has at its disposal the latest medical equipment for diagnostics and treatment in the areas of non-invasive cardiology, rheumatology, and orthopedic surgery.

In total the institute has 560 beds available in its three hospitals: Radon, Zelengora, and Terme. Each hospital is a whole on its own and besides the accommodation has a complete therapeutic ward (hydrotherapy, kinesiotherapy, electrotherapy, and mud therapy) which consists of a number of different areas for organized group or individual recreation and fun.

So that you can enjoy yourself even more in this oasis of health, we offer a wide range of services in our Sense Wellness Center located on the ground floor of Radon.

Beside health and recreational tourism Institute Niska Banja offers everything necessary for organization and realization of sports tourism (tennis courts, outdoor and indoor basketball, handball, and footsall courts, paragliding) as well as congress tourism (an amphitheater with modern equipment, 300 seats, and a conference room with 60 seats), restaurants and salons with our well-known traditional cuisine.

The thermal mineral water belongs to the category of mildly alkaline oligomineral calcium magnesium hydrocarbon radioactive (radon) homeotherms. The natural thermal mineral water is slightly mineralized (the amount of the dry component is 0.271g/l at 180°C). Beside dominant calcium (Ca) ions, there is a substantial amount of magnesium (Mg) cations and hydrocarbon (HCO3) anions. The amounts of dissolved carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide gases are discrete. The water temperature is 38°C which puts it in the category of homeotherms suitable for bathing, rinsing, and inhalation without any additional heating. It is used in the form of mineral baths with underwater massage, hydrotherapy, and kinesiotherapy in the pool as well as inhalation in the case of respiratory diseases.
The radioactive (radon) oligomineral homeotherm represents a typical slightly mineralized radon water whose main therapeutic factor is the radon gas, which in turn therapeutically identifies Niska Banja in the full scope of its indications.
For the rehabilitation and treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases and musculoskeletal injuries we use the following types of therapy at the institute: hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, mechanotherapy, light therapy, electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, electrostimulation, and kinesiotherapy. In addition, we use defectology treatment, cardiovascular rehabilitation, and inhalation.

Institute for Treatment and Rehabilitation Niška Banja, Niš

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Sense Wellness Center

Sense Wellness Center in the Radon offers a combination of beauty, enjoyment, and health. It has one goal and that is to take away problems brought about by the lack of time and hectic lifestyle.  Sense Wellness Center offers an excellent palette of services: a jacuzzi, swimming pools, bathtubs, a sauna, a vibration sauna, different types of massage, aromatic baths, body masks (choco mint, algae mud, grapefruit, cinnamon cream, honey, and milk, etc) and anti-cellulite program.  As a special offer, we would like to single out carefully designed service packages.

Our guests can select some of the special types of massage:

  • Royal massage
  • Ayurveda (hot oil)
  • Pantha Rei (aesthetic  lymphatic drainage)
  • Walking on Clouds (foot reflexology)
  • Hot shell massage
  • Oriental peeling soap massage
  • Relax massage
  • Anti-cellulite massage
  • Foot massage
  • Face massage
+381 18 502-170