Mission and tasks

The Association shall monitor and study all the issues in spas and climate places the members are faced with, and encourage and coordinate all activities to address them timely and adequately.

The Association shall provide its members with the opportunity to exchange experience, as well as other forms of mutual cooperation, so that spas and climate places in Republic of Serbia can develop evenly, and their natural factors be used more rationally.

The tasks of the Association shall be the following:

  • help spas and climate places promote healthcare, economic, communal, urban and other activity;
  • propose to authorities the adoption of, or amendments to, laws and regulations regulating the issues of development, construction, organisation and operation of spas and climate spaces and their activities;
  • cooperate with other institutions, organisations and associations in the Republic of Serbia and abroad that deal with issues of development and promotion of economic and social activities, such as: association assemblies, the Parliament, ministries, chambers of commerce, tourist, health, scientific and other organisations;
  • encourage scientific research and application of natural medicinal substances;
  • organise in the country and abroad promotional activities, improve contacts with businesses (B2B) and consumers (B2C) abroad, with the aim of promoting medicinal programmes and other programmes in the area of health and recreational tourism;
  • provide conditions for the members to keep track of scientific and professional publications in different areas, primarily related to rational use of natural medicinal factors in the protection and promotion of people’s health;
  • provide continuous exchange and training of human resources in all professions required by members;
  • encourage and participate in spa and climate places networking in the country and abroad, as well as bodies and organisations that have interest in the development of spas and climate places;
  • represent members’ interests before government and other bodies in the country and abroad.