Special Hospital for rehabilitation ”Agens” was built on water springs with healing powers in 1976 in Mataruska Banja. Mataruska Banja has a lot of qualities which make it one of the unique spas in Serbia. This is the case due to thermal water characteristics. It belongs to the categories of natrium, magnesium, hydrocarbon, and sulfur hyper thermic characteristics. It contains significant amounts of hydrogen sulfide (14mg/l) (amounts larger than 1 mg/l make sulfide waters), which is the main therapeutic value of this water with a temperature up to 46 ºC. Sulfurous waters are the only mineral waters whose components take part in the building up of proteins, important structural tissue elements. Sulfur resorption and its depositing in joints cartilage has particularly beneficial effect with patients suffering from rheumatism. Biologically active matter, hydrogen sulfide, is significant in the treatment of eczema and other skin diseases followed by the damage of epidermis.

Special Hospital for rehabilitation ”Agens” in Mataruska Banja performs specialist, consultative, ambulant and stationary health functions in the areas of physical medicine, rehabilitation, treatment and prevention of the consequences of bone and joint systems disorders and traumas, central and peripheral nervous systems disorders, gynecological disorders and other diseases and conditions which induce the use of physical methods of treatment and rehabilitation.

Within its functions, Special Hospital:
1) provides diagnostic services for hospitalized and ambulant patients in the areas of biochemistry, hematology, radiology, electromyography and osteodensitometry;
2) performs pharmaceutical function through the hospital’s pharmacy;
3) follows and conducts professionally and scientifically determined diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation methods;
4) organizes and conducts professional specializations of health workers and co-workers following continuous education center’s program for health workers;
5) organizes and conducts the measures for continuous quality improvements and internal audits of professional work’s quality;
6) organizes, i.e. provides the implementation of measures for the disposal and extermination of medical waste in accordance with the law.

Alongside of medically recognized procedures and apparatus implementation, Special Hospital also performs its health function by using natural treatment factors (thermal water, peloid, etc.).

This special hospital, alongside of its health function, covers health tourism too, and health and medicine related education. It provides:
1) rehabilitation and recreation with short-stay accommodation (wellness services, massage, physiotherapy, treatments for the improvement of physical condition and mood);
2) the organization of all-day stay and health care of the elderly and others whose abilities to take care of themselves are limited, and it’s also necessary to conduct a training course for self-help together with rehabilitation treatments;
3) continuous medical education which includes practice, practical teaching methods, teaching secondary and college vocational school (physiotherapy) students, university students, as well as seminars for health workers and co-workers;
4) patients transport.

Address: Žička bb, 36201 Mataruška Banja
Phone: 036 5411-022
Direktor: 036 5412-124
Fax: 036 5411-010