Lukovo Spa is located in the South of Serbia, on the eastern slopes of Kopaonik. Being located on 681masl, it is the highest spa in Serbia. The climate of Lukovo Spa is mild continental with a large number of sunny days during the year.
Lukovo Spa is characteristic for its large number of thermal mineral springs, untouched nature of the wooded Kopaonik and clear mountain air. By the number of mineral waters of different composition and temperature as well as quantity, it belongs to the richest spas in the country.
In Lukovo Spa, you can stay in one of the two hotels: “Kopaonik” and “Jelak”, which consolidate in their offer comfortable rooms, modern medical and Wellness treatments, pools with thermal water, etc. You may spend your time actively, walking the paths of health through beautiful nature, paying sports, or visiting some of the historical monuments. It is up to you to choose what makes a perfect vacation for you.
If you wish for a calm environment for your business meetings or seminars, you have a conference room with a 100 seat capacity at your disposal.
Inflammatory rheumatism: rheumatoid arthritis (calm faze of the inflammation), Bechterew’s disease (initial stadium), psoriatic arthritis.
Degenerative rheumatism: neck and lower back spondylosis, discus hernia, discarthrosis, sciatica, gonarthrosis, cocsarthrosis, artrosis, osteoarthrosis of sham hand and feet joints
Extra-articular rheumatism: fibrositis, myalgia, bursitis, luxation, distortions.
Osteoporosis and osteopenia
All types of sports injuries
Conditions after bone fractures and surgical interventions on the bone and joint system:
conditions after hip and knee replacement.
Diagnostics and Spa Treatments
Medical examination by the medical specialists, ultrasound examination, osteodensitometer
– Hydroterapy
– Mud therapy
– Electrotherapy
– Manual massage
– Kinesitherapy
– Extension therapy

Activities for rest and relaxation
Interior and exterior thermal water pools, weight lifting gym, sports courts, sports balloon court. “Paths of health” are favourable for walks, running, while some are also good for cycling. During the winter months, guests can also enjoy snow sports, on a 300 m ski slope with a ski lift.
Hotel Kopaonik: sauna, Jacuzzi pool, steam room, salt room, tepidarium, large pool.
Hotel Jelak: sauna, Jacuzzi pool, pearl bath, salt room, steam room, tepidarium.
Lukovo Spa provides the ideal conditions for sports team preparations: sports hall with professional surfaces heated during the winter period, and indoor pools enabling preparations throughout the year. Our spa also hosts handball and tennis camps for talented young sports players.

Phone: 027/385-999, 027/385-990,
Viber number: +381 63 481 243,