Gamzigradska Banja is located in eastern Serbia, 220km southeast of Belgrade and 11km west of Zajecar. It lies at 160m above sea level in the meander valley of the lower course of the Black Timok, on its shores, not far from the highway Zajecar – Paracin, which provides good traffic connections in all directions.
Gamzigrad Spa is influenced by continental climate, and micro-climate is complex, with features of continental and sub-mountainous climate. It is surrounded by wooded hills and is a very comfortable and quiet corner for healing, rest, recreation, sport and fishing, with always fresh and clean air, untouched nature, full of greenery and flowers, landscaped park, away from the urban environment.
Nature has donated several extracts of thermimineral waters, which are classified as alkaline earths – hypertherms or acrotherms. Bathroom construction and renovation began in 1920. In 1978 the modern Special Hospital for Rehabilitation “Gamzigrad” was built and started operating on the very coast of Black Timok, on natural springs of thermo-mineral water whose temperature is 42º C from a depth of 303 m.
The specialty hospital specializes in the rehabilitation of peripheral blood vessel diseases (organic disorders of arterial blood vessels, functional disorders of arterial blood vessels, diseases of peripheral venous blood vessels, diseases of the lymphatic system) and vibrational disease. It also performs general rehabilitation (connective tissue diseases, joint forms of rheumatism, extracorporeal forms of rheumatism, orthopedic diseases and post-traumatic conditions, childhood anomalies, neurological diseases, gynecological diseases).
There are two indoor swimming pools with thermal mineral water in the Special Hospital (large for adults and small for children), surrounded by wall mosaics and impressing with their artistic expression and their size (the work of academician Prof. Srbinović). Thermal mineral water is also used in mineral and electroplating baths, local baths (four-cell baths, Haufe baths, alternating baths), then for underwater massage and for gynecological irrigation. The special hospital also applies electrotherapy with state-of-the-art apparatus (galvanic, dyadynamic, interfent, exponential and high frequency currents, microwave and shortwave diathermy, ultrasound, etc.). Diseases of the blood vessels are applied on the principle of pressure change “Vasculator” and “Vacusac”. Phototherapy is done with ultraviolet and infrared lamps. Chinese therapy and occupational therapy are conducted in modern and versatile rooms. Thermo-therapy is represented by paraffin therapy. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is performed in a single-chamber hyperbaric chamber. Diagnosis and examination of the function of the peripheral bloodstream, heart, lungs, and peripheral nerves and muscles are particularly prominent.
Internal organization of the medical sector of the Special Hospital
Specialty Consulting and Diagnostics Department
Department of Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Treatment
Hospital Department of Treatment and Rehabilitation of Moving Patients
Hospital Department for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Immobile and Restricted Mobile Patients

Neurological diseases
Diseases of the heart and blood vessels
Rheumatic diseases
Injuries and diseases of the locomotive system
What are the effects of hyperbaric oxygenation?
Good supply of all tissue fluids with oxygen
Mechanical effect of increased pressure
Elimination of carbon monoxide
It improves microcirculation and reduces tissue edema
Antibacterial effect.

Phone numbers:
central-reception: 019/450-444,
director tel/faks: 019/450-440,
financial sector: 019/450-457,
booking: 019/450-447,
diagnostics booking: 019/450-441,
justice workers: 019/450-446,
assistant director: 019/450-449

Address: 19228 Gamzigradska Banja, Banjski trg 12