Bukovicka Spa is located in the heart of Sumadija, in the center of Arandjelovac, at the foot of the forested Bukulja Mountain (696 m above sea level). Arandjelovac is 74 km away from Belgrade by motorway over Mladenovac. Distance from Kragujevac is 55 km, Mladenovac about 22 km, Topola 14 km and Lazarevac about 33 km.

Park Bukovicka Spa is a unique museum of the largest contemporary out side sculpture collection, in one material – white marble, and can be compared with several famous world sculpture parks – Otterlou in the Netherlands or Houston and Forvert, Texas.

In addition to the four sources of cold mineral water, temperatures of 13-14° C, there is a hypothermal source with a water temperature of 25° C. Source mineral waters is different in temperature, amount of carbonic acid and mineral concentration. Mineral water is sodium carbonate and calcium hydrocarbonate, iron and carbonic acid.

The institution where patients are treated in Bukovica Spa is the Special Hospital for rehabilitation “Bukovicka banja” Arandjelovac, which for treatment and rehabilitation, besides mineral water, uses clay.

In performing healthcare activities, the Special Hospital provides preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic services from: physical medicine and rehabilitation, pediatrics, internal medicine, sports medicine and relevant specialiyed specialties; laboratory diagnostics and medical supplies.

Special Hospital for rehabilitation “Bukovicka banja” Arandjelovac is the only institution in Serbia that has a Department for the treatment, rehabilitation and education of children and youth suffering from diabetes.


The beneficial mineral waters of Bukovica Spa were discovered in the village of Bukovik, after which the spa itself got its name.At first, local peoples and random passers-by, but as she quickly recalled for her healing, the spa became the most appreciated and most visited spa resort and center of modern life of Serbia in the 19th century. The first written traces on the use of mineral water date from the time before 1811. It is reliably known that one of the patients who came to strengthen his health at the source of water was the educator and writer, Dositej Obradovic.

The first source was discovered by chance, when Prince Milos Obrenovic visited the village of Vrbica, where the feast was held (St. Archangel celebrated the city today).

Accompanied by Prince Milos, there was also a distinguished doctor whom the locals took to the nearby forest, and showed him a source of “iron water” about which they were constantly talking about the powers. When the doctor confirmed what the local peasants had known for a long time, the prince bought the forest with a miraculous source for two silver pistols and laid the foundations for today’s health resort. It has become a tradition for water the source to flow into the barrels and bottles as table water and to reach for various places, and at the request of Prince Milos Obrenovic, water was brought to the castle.

As a year of Bukovicka Spa, it was taken in 1836, when space was constructed, buildings were constructed, and the water was given the first professional recognition for healing. Chief of medical affairs of the Principality of Serbia, Dr. Lindermajer, was the first to carry out a detailed analysis of the water below Bukulja and gave it a positive review in his book “Mineral Water Descriptions”.The same year when he performed a quality water analysis, Lindermaier brought from Sabac and the first group of patients for tretment in Bukovicka spa, and then patients from Uba, Valjevo, Kragujevac, Belgrade, Pest and Budi.

The invention of the thermal spring, in 1935, led to the construction of a modern warm bath, an open pool with mineral water, the only such kind in Serbia.


Special hospital for rehabilitation “Bukovicka banja” Arandjelovac, based on the healing properties of mineral water, clay and climates, applies the most modern therapeutic methods in the treatment of gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary system diseases, respiratory diseases, as well as injuries and diseases of the locomotor system.
Specialized rehabilitation of adults is carried out in the following diseases, injuries and other health disorders:
Gastrointestinal system diseases: Ulcer disease without complications, functional diseases of the stomach and intestines, chronic gastritis and duodenitis, post-gastric resection due to ulcer disease, chronic colitis, Crohn’s disease.
Hepatobiliary system and pancreatic diseases: Post-hepatitis syndrome, chronic hepatitis, chronic non-calculous cholecystitis and cholangitis, biliary dyskinesia, post-surgical removal of calculus, chronic pancreatitis in the remission phase.
Metabolism diseases: Diabetes.

Diseases of the urinary system: Sand in the urinary tract.
Diseases of the respiratory system: Chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Rheumatic diseases: Inflammatory rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, Behiter’s disease, degenerative rheumatism, arthrosis, spondylosis, osteoporosis, extraarticular rheumatism, fibrositis, myositis, paniculitis, tendinitis.
Peripheral circulation disorders and diseases.

Neurological diseases: Damage to the centranlogic motor neuron, damage to the peripheral motor neuron, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease.

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